Order Of Service Funeral Template

If you have recently lost a friend or a loved one you may be responsible for arranging the funeral. When the mourners gather at the funeral ceremony they will invariably be handed a funeral service sheet. The Order of service is also known as a memorial card, a funeral booklet, a funeral service order, a funeral book, a remembrance sheet and a funeral programme. But, why is it important to have order sheets and what is their purpose?

The Purpose of the Order Sheet is:

  • To guide mourners through the service
  • To encourage those in mourning to sing the hymns and to understand the importance of poems, readings and tributes
  • To act as a funeral keepsake for guests
  • To inform the mourners where to gather for the wake
  • To provide information about funeral donation to charity
  • To be sent to mourners who cannot attend

There are many different sorts of funeral, so the memorial sheet must be designed accordingly. Popular kinds of funeral ceremonies include:

  • The traditional burial ceremony
  • Cremation
  • The humanist funeral
  • A civil funeral
  • A woodland burial
  • Burial at sea
  • A contemporary funeral

Ideas for Creating Memorable Service Leaflets for Funerals

When grieving, many find it hard to design fitting funeral programmes. In general, most want a smart funeral pamphlet that looks as though it has been professionally designed and printed; however, bespoke funeral stationery is costly. Why use professional funeral printing services, when you can create a unique service sheet using a free online memorial service template? Perform an online search to locate free printable funeral programme templates.

Designing a Funeral Pamphlet

In general, there are four main types of funeral program, so examine all four before you begin to compile the order sheet. When you have chosen a fitting funeral service card programme, look online for an appropriate free funeral template download. Create your own remembrance sheet and you are free to print black and white or coloured service sheets, using the font of your choice. Here is some of the information you may choose to include within the booklet.

The Cover of the Funeral Booklet

  • A picture and the name of your loved one
  • Date of birth and date of death
  • The date and location of the memorial/funeral

The Inner Pages of Funeral Order Sheets

  • The order of the funeral service
  • The obituary
  • The chosen charity for donations

The Back Page of Funeral Service Books

  • A verse or a scripture
  • A poem
  • Family acknowledgements
  • Contact information

Keeping Funeral Charges Down

Many funeral directors will offer to print personalised service sheets when you arrange the funeral service. However, a lot of people prefer to print their own service leaflets using a free down-loadable template. Grief affects people in different ways. Some are relieved when the funeral director offers to deal with the funeral stationery, whereas other families strive to save money on rising funeral charges.