Traditional Horse Drawn Funerals

Every person is different, and when the time comes to commemorate a life it is important that this fact should be reflected in the funeral service. Over recent years, horse drawn carriages have grown in popularity once again and are now a familiar sight as part of a funeral procession.

The History of Horse Drawn Processions
During the Victorian period, it was common for cemeteries to be located a little distance away from the centre of dwellings. This meant that a form of transport was required in order to convey the coffin to its burial place.

Regardless of wealth or status, Victorian people believed in the importance of funeral services and were willing to invest in elaborately adorned horses and carriages to ensure that their loved ones received the send-off that they deserved.

This tradition has remained with us to this day and is still a popular choice that adds a touch of classic elegance to a funeral procession. A pair of Belgium Black horses is most commonly associated with the grandeur of a Victorian funeral, but white horses have also become increasingly popular as a way of focusing on the celebratory aspect of funerals. Whichever breed you prefer, these beautiful animals can lend a solemn dignity to any funeral procession.

Here at Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors we offer a range of funeral services in Kenilworth, Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull and the surrounding areas. We can supply either black or white horses as part of a horse drawn funeral, which is just one of the bespoke funeral options that you can use to ensure your service is truly personalised.

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