Our New Vehicle Fleet

Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors have recently acquired a new fleet of luxury funeral vehicles.

Vehicle Fleet

We have recently invested in our new fleet of cars to provide our clients with the best possible service at their time of need. The fleet which consists of a Hearse and  Limousines, which are Jaguar XJ . The Limousines which carry six passengers are fully air conditioned with a privacy partitioning and are maintained to the highest quality to provide the elegance to any funeral cortege. At Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors all our executive vehicles are driven by professional, uniformed chauffeurs.

Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors are continually striving to present as many options as possible to our clients. Should you wish for something more traditional we can also arrange for an original horse drawn Victorian Hearse with matching white or black plumed horses. If something more individual is required, we can provide a motorcycle hearse. a VW camper van, or even a Landrover 4 X 4.

Our Vehicles at a Glance

  • Jaguar XJ
  • Limousines
  • Horse Drawn Victorian Hearse
  • Triumph Motorcycle Hearse
  • VW Camper Van
  • Landrover 4×4

Please click on the images below to view:

Horse Drawn FuneralsMotorcycle FuneralsFuneral Cars

Horse Drawn Funerals

Let us help you to make your departed loved one’s final journey be one that’ll be remembered forever and valued by all family and friends alike with the dignified, traditional horse drawn hearse funeral.

Our distinctive hearses are elegantly Victorian styled, and are drawn by either our Fresian stallions often referred to as “Belgian Blacks”, or by our “White Lipizzaner”.

All of our horses are immaculately turned out in English leather harness with brass fittings and traditional collars, they are all highly trained, have excellent temperaments and are very acclimatised to working in heavy traffic.

On the morning of the funeral service, both the horses and carriage are washed, and the harnesses are meticulously polished. We are able to supply a team of two or four black horses or a pair of white horses, which together with our team of highly experienced grooms and drivers will provide a reliable, competent and very trustworthy service.

We have become well known in the Coventry, Birmingham and Solihull area’s for our magnificent Horse Drawn Hearse which we believe are the finest to grace any last farewell. We are able to offer you either black or white horses, with a choice of either black or white hearse and feathered plumes in a choice of any colours.

Please just give us a call and we would be happy to go through all the details and answer any questions you have about our Horse Drawn Funerals.

Horse Drawn FuneralsBlack Hearse – Marsden.Encircled by authentic etched glass, flower rails and traditional style carriage lanterns, the Marsden is a truely traditional hearse.

White Hearse FuneralsWhite English Hearse. Bowed doors, etched glass and traditional carriage lanterns.

Horse Drawn FuneralWhite English Hearse.Drawn by White Lipizzaner

Black Hearse FuneralBlack Hearse. Drawn by a pair of Black horses

Motorcycle Funerals

At Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors we have been privileged to be asked by families to supply all sorts of transport for their loved ones last journey, and on many occasions we have been able to provide what we believe to be the most professional, exciting and most coveted motorcycle hearses in the world. Each combination is individually built, exhaustively tested to the highest UK funeral profession standards and also certified by the DVLA.

Motorcycle FuneralsEvery motorbike hearse has a professionally trained and sensitive rider who is immaculate, smart and dressed in motorcycle clothing appropriate to the weather conditions and choice of motorcycle hearse. Many of our motorcycle funerals are kept as a surprise for friends and turn into happy occasions for the elderly ‘sidecar generation’.

We are often asked if we can provide for non-religious services and our answer is yes; while most families use their local Vicar or Priest others elect to use a Non-Religious Celebrant, Pagan or Humanist officiator, but no matter what type of service you have, a motorcycle hearse provides a dignified final journey. At one funeral we were joined by Morris Dancers, at another by a re-enactment group and we regularly find ourselves alongside a piper. No matter what your requirements are it is our privilege to serve you. What matters to us is the dignity to you and your loved ones, and ensuring we offer you the best possible transportation the UK has to offer.

The vehicles are unique even in terms of professional build, all motorcycle hearses have flower rails, blowers, pillion seats, space enough for an American Casket, child coffin fittings and professionally trained hearse riders. The unique enclosed sidecar hearse has internal temperature control for warm weather and de-misting.

Classic Style Triumph

A traditional ‘Proper British Hearse’ with it’s ‘Proper British Bike’, the classic style Triumph was built entirely in the UK and is very popular with a huge scope of people, including the general public and motorcycle fans.

Like all British specification hearses it has a pillion seat, health and safety fittings, flower rail, internal temperature controls (for warm climates and de-misting), leather surrounds, combination glass roof and lights for displaying flowers and artefacts.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Providing the ultimate send off in style for the British racing rider, the Suzuki Hayabusa hearse is both sleek and fast. Being so popular with racers, marshalls and sports enthusiasts meant a second had to be built to cope with demand.Triumph Funerals

The Hayabusa still holds the record for the fastest hearse, easily being able to do The Ton. Through careful planning we can provide both Hayabusas together.

Harley Hearse

As the single Harley Davidson where a loved one can stay by your side on a final ride together, the distinctive roar of the V-Twin will make sure any personal words will not be overheard. Having a re-calibrated gear box, allowing extra torque, and an engine that’s been beefed up to 100 cubic inches, the Harley Davidson provides reliability and elegance.

A Motorcycle Funeral is something different, as in life we are all different so should your funeral be, we believe that everyone should have choice and with a motorcycle funeral from Franklin & Hawkins Independent Family Funeral Directors and Undertakers, you have that choice to show the love and respect to your loved one in a unique way. For more information on motorcycle funerals or if you have any other unusual request please just call Gary or Andy at Franklin and Hawkins independent Family Funeral Directors and Undertakers.