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At Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors we have vast experience in organising bespoke services in Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull and surrounding areas, having a wide variety of options and additions to taylor make a funeral service. Our aim is to allow you to celebrate and honour the life of your loved one in a respectful and appropriate way, to help come to terms with their loss.

  • Traditional and colourful coffins
  • Dove releases
  • Arrange balloon releases
  • Horse drawn processions
  • Eco-friendly coffins (such as bamboo, willow and cardboard)
  • Woodland funerals & burials
  • Floral tributes and memorials
  • Personalised Order of Service
  • Pre Payment Funeral Plans and Will writing Service
  • Various caskets (including cardboard and colourful)
  • Ashes into glass / Ashes into diamonds

Some of the options we offer, include a wide range of Coffins and caskets for cremation or Burial, including Mahogony, Willow, Oak, Bamboo and even colorful coffins. As modern funeral directors we even offer cardboard coffins for the eco-conscious; perfect for our woodland burials in Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull areas.

A selection of our other bespoke services include ashes into glass and ashes into diamonds. This great new service enables you to create a beautiful memorial to your loved ones.

Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors also organise dove releases and funeral pipers (simply read below), we also offer horse drawn, and motorcycle funeral processions.

Call us today at any of our funeral homes to discover more about our bespoke funeral services, themed and woodland funerals, and we will be happy to discuss your options further.

Funeral Pipers Funerals

Birmingham & Solihull

Bag Piper

A funeral bagpiper is a great tribute to a loved one, and adds a real sense of atmosphere to a funeral service. The haunting sounds of bagpipes will accompany the funeral procession into the building of service.

Funeral bagpipers can play at the church and crematorium service, and have a wide repertoire of tunes to play from. At Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors we arrange pipers with over 30 years of experience, to pipe and lead the cortege to the building of service, play a lament at the committal and to lead mourners to the grave.

See below for a selection of popular tunes available, all are well known and traditional, with haunting and uplifting melodies. Pipers will help you choose the most suitable tune combination based on family wishes, and give you guidance from years of experience at funerals

Dove Releases

Dove Release

Releasing a dove at a funeral service has long been a beautiful way to express peace and also healing, saying goodbye to a loved one. In our experience a dove release at the end of a service provides a sense of calm and peace, often described as a special way to end a funeral service.

Either our experienced dove handlers or you and your family can release the doves, which are usually released in sets of threes to represent the father, son and Holy Spirit. A few moments later another dove is released, a representation of the spirit ascending to heaven and being guided home.

Our dove release options include:

  • 1 Dove. At the end of the funeral service a sole white dove is released in the memory of a past loved one. As the dove is released and soars into the sky during this quiet moment there is a feeling of the lifting of the soul and the start of their passage into the heavens above. Those attending can emotionally ‘release’ the loved one, as the white dove soars off into the horizon.
  • 2 Doves. The pairing of these two doves is a symbol for the joining of a pair of souls. This is a graceful and elegant way to mark the departing of a second loved one (joining a soul that’s already departed).
  • 4 Doves. Three doves, representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are released together by hand or from a basket. Afterwards a relative or close friend releases a lone white dove, representing the loved ones spirit. This single dove can be released by hand or from a basket. As the three doves ascend into the sky, they circle awaiting the single one, then symbolically the three doves escort the spirit dove on a spiritual flight home.
  • 6 Doves. At the end of the funeral service, family members release five doves by hand or from a basket, as the doves ascends into the sky and circles the area a single dove is released by a family member representing your loved ones spirit. In flight this is representative of angels guiding the spirit dove up to heaven.

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