Humanist Funeral Service

At Franklin & Hawkins Family Funeral Directors we offer many types of funeral services, depending on the type of funeral the deceased would have wanted and the way the family would like to remember them. Religious services are popular if the person who has passed followed a religion, however if this is not the case you can hold a funeral with no religious aspects. Humanist ceremonies are non-religious funeral ceremonies that celebrate the life of the deceased and the wished of those remembering them. They are for people of no religious belief or if religion was not a vital aspect of the deceased’s life.

The burial at a humanist funeral is a personal way to say goodbye without a religious service. Humanist funerals can be held in a variety of places, similar to religious services, the majority is conducted within crematoria. They can be buried in places such as cemeteries or woodland burial sites and can have a personalized service with friends and family. Burials and cremations still occur in the same manner and are conducted with up-most respect.

The aim of a humanist funeral is to bring together family and friends and celebrate the life of a lost one. They aim to express and release the sadness caused by the loss but also to pay tribute to their lives and focus on the impact they had on other people’s lives.

Humanist funerals are similar to religious ceremonies and have cremation and burial procedures in the same fashion. They have especially trained officiants who are in the caring or supporting professions, who are able to cope with the emotional burden and are especially trained to conduct these ceremonies.

The process before the funeral involves meeting with your chosen celebrate, we have many connections with humanist service celebrants and can get you in contact with many until you find someone you can relate to and feel comfortable with. They will then conduct the service after you have verified everything being said by looking over the script for the day and changing anything you are not happy with.

The service contains all the things you would have at a religious service. You can have readings, music, prose, poems, quotes and you can share these ideas with your funeral celebrant. They are experienced in such funerals and will draw on this experience to help you make the funeral a perfect goodbye to those you have lost.

Humanist funerals are only actually legal in 7 countries. Places that you can legally have humanist funerals include England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland and some parts of the USA. In the United Kingdom, people are more than accepting of humanist ceremonies with no judgement, just a focus on grieving for people who we have loved and lost. This is something that hopefully is changing internationally and will be widely accepted instead of giving atheist religious funerals which seems to be a disservice. Regardless of peoples beliefs about after life, heaven, God, souls and passing on to the next stage of life, anyone who has lead a good life and provided much happiness to friends and family deserves an official, respectful goodbye.