Funeral Services

At Franklin Funerals we offer a personal, bespoke service for when you have lost a loved one. We have a broad range of services and offer many different types to suit the requests of the deceased or the traditions of your family. We tailor our service around you and your loved ones when you are ready and we understand how distressing this critical time of grief can be. Our focus is on the celebration of life of the person you have lost and bringing together their family and friends to appreciate everything they meant to you.

However you would like the service, we offer many different types with certain elements that you can choose to incorporate. We can tailor all elements of the funeral such as the coffin or casket, where we offer different materials such as willow, oak, bamboo, mahogany or even cardboard for woodland burials etc. and many different sizes or designs. We also offer the possibility to get the ashes put into glass or into diamonds as a long term keepsake to keep your loved one close to you.

We can arrange special touches to make the day truly memorable and spectacular such as dove releases with one, two, four or six doves, which represent different things such as joining of souls and one as a memory or spirit. We can also recruit funeral pipers; a bagpipe tribute adds an emotional atmosphere and gives everyone a chance to reflect on the live of the loved one in those moments of music. We have a list of tunes available that are both haunting yet uplifting for you to choose from and these can be picked as to what you feel appropriate.

In terms of transporting the body to the funeral we can offer horse drawn and motorcycle funeral processions or hearse processions. We have a range of black and white traditional hearses and horse carriages. Motorcycle funerals are popular if your loved one rode or was interested in them or you just want something to really stand out and be a little less traditional.

Whether your family is religious or not, we can incorporate this into the service, we offer humanist funeral services, these offer the chance for a dignified goodbye as a celebration of life without a religious aspect. If your loved one was a member of the military, we also organise military funerals in a respectful and dedicated manner to pay tribute to their service.

Our funeral service aims to not only organise a beautiful, respectful service but to extend a hand of friendship and support in your difficult time. Our team are experienced in dealing with traumatic matters and have a great understanding of how to deal with such losses. Everything we do is organised around you, in your time and to represent your most loved lost one. We are here for you 24 hours a day with our award winning service. Feel free to give us a call today or in your own time. For our Coventry store call 02476473000, Marston Green call 01217795577 or for Bannerbrook call 02476473002. Our aim is to meet your every request and make the day the perfect reflection of the incredible life of your loved one.